Welcome to the UK's first full time goalkeeping education course provided by Pro-1 Goalkeeping Academy, working in partnership with Academy 1 Sports.

After thorough research, professional and international goalkeeper coach Dean Neil, designed this specialist course as he was very concerned with the number of top goalkeepers aged 16-18 dropping out of the game, after not signing professional scholarship forms or 1st year pro contracts after.

Dean found that many goalkeepers aged 16-18 dropped out of the game, for the following reasons:

  1. Being under developed, 
  2. Not receiving enough support,
  3. Receiving misleading information/advice                     

The Pro-1 full time course gives YOU, the goalkeeper another chance. 

You will have the opportunity to train full time with Dean and the Pro-1 Academy team.

The specialized designed syllabus put together by Dean's experience coaching around the world will

consist of all the components for you to progress in today's game, from continental techniques, nutrition,

sport science, physiologic strength ect...

The candidates will be enrolled into full time training at a fantastic new 4G facility based in Thurrock, Essex. Training performances will be videoed and analysed.
You will receive a progress report every 8 weeks to discuss development and future targets.
As a young goalkeeper it's important to play an adequate amount of game time, this will be managed by the academy coach.
Professional trials will be arranged for the successful candidate.

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