Course Name - Sound Engineering and Music Technology (7603)

Are you a Sound Engineer, Musician or Artist looking to get into the Music Industry?

Cellar Tapes UK now provide the Music NVQ for those looking for first-hand experience and knowledge of the music industry. With this, we aim to aid the progression of the music industry from a grassroots level.

We also provide work experience through summer traineeships for school-leavers (post-16).

What are Traineeships?

Work experience - to give the young person meaningful work experience and to develop workplace skills 
Work preparation training - to prepare learners with the Skills for Work in a particular sector as well as Employability Skills covering areas like CV writing, interview preparation, job search and inter-personal skills 
English and maths - these are seen as crucial employability skills 

Employability Skills qualifications which include vocational taster units and bespoke Skills for Work qualifications that fulfil the work preparation training element of Traineeships 
Single units in our ‘Unit Warehouse’ for building bespoke learning programmes 
Guidance and support on providing and managing high quality work placements  
e-learning which will help prepare the learner to take their first steps into employment in their chosen industry 
SmartScreen learner management system providing teaching and learning support for delivering unregulated training 
An extensive range of online materials and qualifications to help learners gain the English and maths skills they need to be successful at work.

What you cover will depend on the specialist pathway you choose. Areas covered include:

  • Following safe working practices 
  • Sound recording skills 
  • Digital sound editing 
  • MIDI sequencing and software 
  • Studio routing and wiring 
  • Microphones and direct inject (DI) techniques 
  • Dynamics and effects equipment multitrack recording and mixing 
  • Stereo microphone techniques 
  • Live sound and performance technology.

To get a Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) you learn with your training provider - maybe through practical sessions, group discussions or assignments. You'll need to complete one assignment for each unit.

VRQs are usually assessed by your training provider using assignments, practical task, exams or online tests.

Which level is right for me? 

Level 1 
You're just starting out and want a good basic understanding of the industry - enough to succeed in a job in the area or move on to further study.

Level 2 
You have some knowledge and basic skills in the industry - probably from a role where you work under supervision. You want to increase your skills and take on more responsibility.

Level 3 
You've worked in the industry for some time - you have plenty of experience, and your work might involve supervising others or managing resources. You want to develop your skills further, perhaps to move into a management role.

Summer Traineeships

Intense 12 week course after Year 11

Music NVQ and Traineeship

partnership with Cellar Tapes Recording Studio

If you are interested in studying a Traineeship or NVQ in Music Technology - Fill out the application form below